High-energy synchrotron facility installs its first piece of accelerator

The High Energy Photon Source高光子能源, China's first high-energy 高能synchrotron 同步radiation 辐射light source光源, installed its first piece of accelerator 加速器equipment设备 in Beijing on Monday, marking a milestone 这是一个里程碑in the construction of a major scientific instrument 在重大科学仪器建造领域that will be used to probe 探测the microstructure微观结构 of materials材料 for basic research and engineering.基础科研和工程

Monday also saw the launch of the Platform of Advanced先进 Photon Source 光源Technology Research and Development. The 42,640-square-meter facility 场所is adjacent 相邻to HEPS and serves as a testing ground 测试场地for research and experimental 实验instruments before they are installed in the light source.仪器安装在光源前

HEPS' main facility 主要场所consists 由xx组成of a storage储存 ring with a circumference of 1,360 meters. Construction of the 4.8 billion yuan ($743 million) super-microscope超级-显微镜 began in 2019 and is set to finish around December 2025, according to the Chinese Academy 研究院of Sciences' Institute of High Energy Physics.高能物理研究所

It is capable of accelerating 加速electrons电子 to the energy level of 6 giga-electronvolts六千兆电子伏, making it one of the brightest and most powerful X-ray light sources in the world.让他成为世界上最强大最亮的x射线光源之一

"HEPS will be a key platform for our scientists to make more original breakthroughs 原创突破in basic sciences and engineering," said Wang Yifang, the director of the institute.

For decades, scientists have been using extremely极度的bright X-rays produced in synchrotron light sources同步加速器官员 to study matter 事情at the atomic and molecular原子和分子 level, leading to advances in materials science材料科学, biology,生物 medicine医学, nanotechnology纳米技术, aerospace航空航天 technologies and other fields.领域

There are three synchrotron light sources in operation运行 on the Chinese mainland, located in Beijing, Shanghai and Hefei, Anhui province. The Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation辐射 Facility, which opened in 2009, is currently the most advanced 最先进of the three.

HEPS, which is being built in Huairou district's Science City, comprises 由xx构成accelerators加速器, beamlines 光束and auxiliary辅助 facilities that form an overall 整体layout布局 that resembles a giant magnifying 放大glass.

The machine can accommodate 容纳over 90 beamlines and stations for scientists to do research. In the first phase阶段, 14 of the beamlines and stations will be made available 使其生效 for researchers in engineering, materials science材料科学, energy能源学, medicine医学, chemistry化学 and other fields.