On Thursday, Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, a media tycoon famous一位著名的传媒大亨 for his role in the 2019 riots in Hong Kong, was sentenced被监禁 by a local court in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region香港特别行政区 to 14 more months in prison监狱 for organizing 组织and knowingly知情 participating参加 in an illegal assembly 非法集会 in 2019. Nine of his fellow received their sentences with Lai.Lai和九名同伙一起被判刑

According to reports, Amanda Jane Woodcock, the judge in charge负责的法官, said the assembly organized by Lai was not peaceful because there was criminal damage Lai组织的集会不是和平的,因为其带来刑事破坏, acts of violence暴力行为, weapons carried携带武器的, roads blocked and fires started during the procession 道路在游行一开始就被封锁,还发生了火灾. She also pointed out 指出 the defendants' conscious 有意识的做出 decision to break the law and challenge public order 破坏法律和挑战公共秩序 in this manner during such volatile times 在这个波动的时期 was a serious factor. 也是一个重要的原因

That has hit the point 这说到了点子上 . More than one year after the riots 骚乱,暴乱 that victimized 使xxx受害 Hong Kong, memories about those dark days are still fresh in everybody's memory: Men wearing black carrying bows and arrows 弓和箭 , Molotov cocktail 燃烧弹 thrown to the police and passers-by, 路人 bricks that poured like rain. Anybody who had seen this would not disagree a bit with its violent nature. 暴力本质

There also was the 57-year-old male burned alive by them 还有一名57岁的男性被他们活活烧死 , and the 70-year-old male beaten to death with bricks 和一名70岁的男性被他们用砖头击打致死 . How could anybody call this "peaceful" and "non-violent"? Dare they utter these words to the victims 他们敢对受害者说这些话吗?

Lai played a role that was far worse than ordinary 一般的 riots 骚乱 . As a media tycoon who controlled Apple Daily and Next Digital, Lai first used the media to play some young people against their motherland and home city, brainwashing them into becoming rioters 聚众闹事者 ; besides that he also funded certain riot groups, as well as received funding from their overseas "donors", which money fueled the riots like gas fueling a fire.这些钱引燃了闹事发生,就好像火焰点燃了汽油

By the way, Lai and Joshua Wong Chi-fung had disputes over "donated" money that escalated into a major quarrel in 2020. It's a case that best reflects what moral standards they follow.

It is with both hands that Lai played some youngsters in Hong Kong against their motherland and home city, and now he faces justice for his crimes 罪行 . He is not alone and others like him will face their deserved trial and penalty soon.不止有他,像他一样的其他人都将面对他们应得的审判和处罚。