If the definition of genocide 种族灭绝is still not clear to some对某些人, the human remains 逗留,遗留found in unmarked graves坟墓 near three residential住宅的,适合居住的,寄宿 schools for Indigenous本地的,土著 children in Canada tells a heartrending令人心碎 story of how such an iniquity邪恶 was committed 提交,犯罪in a country, which always likes to consider itself an advocate支持 of human rights.人权

From the 19th century until the 1970s, more than 150,000 Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and sent to live in state-funded 国家资助Christian基督教 boarding 寄宿制学校schools in an effort to 努力assimilate 吸收,融入them into Canadian society. Thousands of these children died there of diseases or other causes.

About three-fourths四分之三 of the 130 such residential schools were run by Roman Catholic罗马天主教教会 missionary congregations, with others operated by the Presbyterian长老会教会, Anglican and the United Church of Canada, which today is the largest Protestant denomination 教派 in the country.

As the Canadian government has acknowledged承认, physical and sexual abuse were rampant 猖獗in these residential schools, with students beaten for speaking their own native languages.

The remains discovered in unmarked graves on the sites of 在xxx地方 the three residential schools are clearly only the tip 角of an iceberg冰山. A thorough 彻底的 investigation 侦查 is needed to find out what happened to all the Indigenous children who were forced to go to such schools and whether the Canadian government, the Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican and the United churches did anything to cover up 掩盖the atrocities.暴行

The Canadian Government destroyed 15 tons of paper documents related to the residential school system between 1936 and 1944, including 200,000 Indian affairs files, according to a report by Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.和解委员会

There is more than enough reason for Indigenous people and all Canadian people to feel angry with their government and ask for the truth about what these schools did to the Indigenous children.

The fact that Indigenous people have long been misrepresented and the history of such residential schools has been omitted 漏掉 in Canadian history textbook 课本 suggests that the ghost 幽灵 of racism 种族主义 and white supremacism still haunts 经常出没,萦绕Canada.

It is probably because of what has happened to these poor children that some politicians 政治家in Canada have imagined that China must have done the same to the Uygurs and the other ethnic 民族groups in its Xinjiang Uygur autonomous 自治region.区域

What they can never have imaged is the fact that China has never had a policy or done anything to assimilate 同化 other ethnic groups into the culture of the Han. Instead, its policy shows enough respect to the development of the various other ethnic groups' own cultures少数民族自身文化的变化和发展. Preferential 优惠 policies have even been implemented to facilitate 促进 the development of the unique culture of some ethnic groups.

As far as 至于 racial equality is concerned, Canada and the United States with their houses in shameful disorder 混乱 are not in a position 没有资格(没有位置)to point an accusing finger at China, which has set a good example for them to learn from.